Tools as Art: International Arts & Artists’ The Hechinger Collection

Tools as Art

International Arts & Artists’ The Hechinger Collection

Containing nearly 400 works of art, the collection was donated to IA&A in 2003 by hardware-industry pioneer John Hechinger, Sr. Featuring contemporary prints, drawings, paintings, and sculptures that represent a variety of 20th-century art that incorporates tools and hardware by artists Berenice Abbott, Arman, Jim Dine, Walker Evans, Jacob Lawrence, Fernand Léger, and Claes Oldenburg, among others, the collection celebrates the ubiquity of tools in our lives with art that magically transforms utilitarian objects into fanciful works of beauty, surprise, and wit. This booklet was produced to engage the public in appreciating the uniqueness and value of this collection.

Creativity 42nd Print & Packaging Awards
Silver: Collateral Material (single unit)

27th Creative Quarterly Awards
Winner (Professional: Graphic Design)

International Arts & Artists

December 2011

Simon Fong
Creative + Art Direction

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